Ana is 25 years old. She is a slim, very pretty girl with some nice tattoos on her body, a quiet smile on her face and scars on her hand. We are standing at the reception of one of the hostels in Costa Rica, when I point out to those scars and ask ‘Where are […]

Polish libertarianism or Polish classic-liberalism?

Libertarianism is an idea that nowadays is equated to the Western world’s philosophy. Well, to be more precise it is equated to the Anglo-Saxon and German philosophy, rather than European or American. Of course mainstream libertarians acknowledged some thinkers from other countries, such as Spain (De Soto), France (Lepage) or Australia (Molnar and ‘Sydney Push’ […]

What if?

What if the entire refugee situation is just an introduction? What if it all adds up to a one whole? First ‘what if’ – Russian activity Russia reminds the world of its imperial aspirations by pursuing a brutal international policy. But at first Putin – and other proponents of Russian government – eliminated internal opposition […]