About me

Are you wondering what the heck is kriskaleta.com?

Well, okay. Let me put it  in the simplest possible way: it’s just a little kingdom of my head.

Here I am: a self-assessed king of my thoughts, prince of my beliefs and ruler of my own rules. KrisKaleta.com is just my very own optimistic playground, with my own toys and my own state of mind. All things on my own!

If you don’t like it … well, I don’t care.
But if you do, if only you felt good in here for this little moment, feel free to pop in every time you want. Simply read and enjoy; write, critique, laugh, cry. Be emotional, smile.

Oh I almost forgot! This site is bilingual. Some content is in Polish, some will be published in English – whichever seems better fit to my certain thoughts. Both are categorized though so don’t you worry, you’ll find yourself comfortable in here.

Have a sunny day!

London, Kendal, Krakow, Barcelona and others, 2016


Shortly: I am digital media expert with vast experience in variety European and American markets. For more information please look at my LinkedIn profile.

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