about me

Who am I?

I am the king of my own backyard. The ruler of me-own imagination, who dared to publish the record of his own daily thinking on the Internet. At some point of my life I decided to quit everything: my job, career; my former life. I moved to the other side of the world to find a peace in a new life. Right now, when asked ‘are you all right?’ I answer ‘always.’; when asked ‘how do you do’ I go with ‘I live me-own life. I am always all right’. What am I doing for living, you may ask. A lot of different rubbish things. But besides them, I read books, watch movies and TV series, listen to some good music and – above all – I smile. I wake up every day to live.

If you like what you found here, stay for a while. And come back – if only from time to time, then do it for a few moments. Read something. Be happy. Write, criticize, laugh and cry. Live with emotions.

Have a smiley day!

Americas – London – Kendal – Krakow – Barcelona and others, 2016-18

What about my professional-self?

I used to be an expert in digital media. I dealt with some business strategies and business development in Europe and the Americas. I did a lot of things, from journalism, through communication and sales, to account management. Today, I use these skills in Central America and Europe. I advise and consult on a daily basis. In addition, I try not to rip an expert on issues I do not know about. 

If you want to become an Internet detective follow me on my social media. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile, and you will find out most of the interesting facts


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